Owen Weekley has worked on the leading edge of Information Technology strategy, management and implementation in many roles, including 10 years as the technology executive at two major media companies. He has experience across a range of disciplines including internet technologies and design, customer service, application and systems development, data-center design and operations, corporate budgeting, purchasing, training, data networks and telecommunications.

Owen is an experienced IT executive focused on providing guidance and leadership designed to produce real, measurable improvements in IT organization performance. He is especially interested in customer-facing web applications, reorganization, transition and consolidation projects, maintaining a strong focus on customer service and alignment of IT with business goals. Call for strategic long-range planning or short-term needs analysis.

Prior to his career in computer technology, Owen studied photography at Ryerson Poyltechnical Institute in Toronto, Canada, and operated a commercial photography studio. His photographs were used to illustrate an elementary school curriculum funded by the National Endowment to the Humanities. The convergence of photography and computer technology in today’s rich digital media environment is a happy coincidence.